Dance Moms Season 7
Dance Moms Season 7Facebook/ Dance Moms

Dance Mom season 7 will premiere earlier than usually expected. The upcoming season of this dance reality show, which was supposed to arrive next year, will premiere in a couple of days, on November 29, at 9pm ET on Lifetime.

A trailer of season 7 teases the instructor Abby Lee Miller is putting together a super team In Abby Lee Dance Company. "We gotta get rid of who's holding this team back," Miller said in the Dance Moms season 7 trailer.

According to the synopsis of the first episode of Dance Mom season 7, Miller begins to work on her master plan early. She is likely to form a super team as it shows that miller summons all the Junior Elite mothers.

As per the spoilers from the ongoing production of the series, this super team will include Camryn Bridges, Daviana Fletcher, and Maesi Caes, who have been participating in the competitions.

Season 7 trailer also teased the return of Miller's great enemy, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. In the season 1, Cathy put up her own dance studio named Candy Apple's Dance Centre. Since the beginning, Cathy's team has been a constant contender of Miller's dancers in the reality show.

The Dance Moms season 7 trailer shows that Miller will make this season nightmarish as much as possible. She promises to make all the contestants' lives "a living hell."

She also throws out a dancer out of the show and said, "we worked too hard to let some kid come in here and screw them up."

"My biggest mistake I ever made is letting you walk into my studio!" the dance coach shouted to the evicted contestant.

Dance Moms season 7 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, November 29, on Lifetime.