Iconic actress Dame Helen Mirren has urged Americans to learn from the UKs Brexit vote by backing Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House. The British actress told US citizens that they must have no regrets by failing to vote on the day of the presidential elections on 8 November.

Although 71-year-old doesnt mention former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or her presidential rival Donald Trump directly in the video, it is made clear she is supporting the former First Lady. In a thinly-veiled message she revealed her support for Clinton by stating that love must trump hate at the end of the video entitled No Regrets.

During the 53-second clip, the Oscar-winning actress referenced Great Britains vote to leave the European Union on 16 June, a decision, she says, made in fear that has not only affected the UK economically but the humanity of the nation. The Leave vote won with a 52% majority, while almost 30% of British citizens failed to vote at all.

Ive done a few things that Ive regretted in my life, and you probably have too, Mirren says in a new video released on Wednesday 26 October by the social media campaign Humanity for Hillary. But I think those things would pale in comparison to the regret youll feel after November the 8th if you dont vote.

You know, no one really thought that Great Britain would leave the European Union, but it did, she adds. And this was not only a hit to our economy but to our humanity. Because this was a vote cast in fear rather than hope, dont make the same mistake we did.

Please make sure you vote, so you dont have abstainers regret. Because love must trump hate, she says.

The Queen actress married American director Taylor Hackford, her partner since 1986, on 31 December 1997 and says that she considers the US a second home. Mirren had previously suggested that Trump becoming president would be the end of America as a great country in an interview with Channel 4 in February this year.

Her backing comes at a difficult time for Clinton after the FBI announced a fresh probe into her emails. Despite the Democratic Party nominee for President saying she is confident no charges will be brought, Trump has reaffirmed his belief that the new investigation proves she is not fit for presidency.