After 16 long successful years, Jon Stewart is finally saying goodbye to the fans of "The Daily Show" with Thursday night's episode. Needless to say, Comedy Central will be giving him a super-sized send-off with an extended finale episode and some special guests.

In the last three episodes before the finale of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", Amy Schumer, Denis Leary and Louis CK made appearances, but the guests for the 6 August night is still under wraps. We can hopefully expect the return of many of the correspondents and writers who worked with Stewart over the years. It is well known that he has asked many of them to try and make it.

During day-time on Thursday, Comedy Central is also scheduled to air a marathon of some of the classic episodes from "The Daily Show", including the original one-hour special segment "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: News Your Own Adventure".

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"The Daily Show" will be taken over by South African comedian Trevor Noah after Stewart retires, and the first episode with him as the host will be aired on 28 September. Stewart is leaving after 2,600 episodes and of course, his BFF Denis Leary will make an appearance (marking his 17th) to bid him farewell.

Stewart also did not forget to say goodbye to his good friends at FOX News, who consistently inspired him to make fresh content for every new episode.

Watch "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" finale live at 11.00 pm (EST) on Thursday, 6 August on Comedy Central. You can also live stream "#JonVoyage" via the Comedy Central website.