Jon Stewart, who has hosted "The Daily Show" since 1999, will bid adieu to his fans and reserve the sarcasm for his friends and family soon.

Stewart, whose last show will be aired on 6 August, will be replaced by South African comedian Trevor Noah. And although, from his appearances in "The Daily Show" over the years we believe that he would be a great host after Stewart's departure, the current host will truly be missed.

In fact, Stewart, who was trusted as one of the most trusted Americans over many popular reporters of news channels, is famous for tackling many issues that Americans are troubled with, including racism, gender inequality and homophobia. He goes on brilliantly elaborate rants to put his point across and leaves his viewers with a new bit of information after each of them.

Before we say goodbye to him, here is a list of some of his best rants on "The Daily Show" in the 16 years that he hosted it:

  • The exceptionally powerful and educative rant on Fox News' coverage of Ferguson shooting.
  • Hilarious take on NFL's incapacity to counter domestic violence issues raised against them.
  • One time in 16 years that Jon Stewart was so dejected by racial disaprities in the country - especially after the Charleston  Church shooting.
  • Stewart's welcome rant for Caitlyn Jenner preparing to live in a world where she would be judged by her looks and "comparable f***ablity*.
  • And finally.. Every time he spoke about Donald Trump. fans, grab a bucket of popcorn before you play this next video.