The forensic test report of the meat found in mob lynch victim Mohammed Akhlaq's fridge reportedly suggests it was not beef, but mutton. Akhlaq was on 29 September beaten to death by a group of men, who claimed that he had slaughtered a cow and stored its meat at home.

The Uttar Pradesh police had sent the meat found in the fridge to a veterinary doctor for testing. Although, the vet's result showed it was mutton, the police sent it to a lab in Mathura for confirmation. Mathura lab also confirmed that it was mutton and not beef as claimed by the mob, The Times of India reported.

The Uttar Pradesh government was slammed for sending the meat for forensic test as its findings hold no relevance in the investigation into the killing of Akhlaq.

"Had we not sent the meat for a test, the opposition would have alleged that the UP government was hiding facts. Even though there is no mention of beef in the FIR, we had sent the meat for a test to clear the air," a senior official in the UP government said in defence of the decision.

Based on the rumours that Akhlaq had stolen a calf, slaughtered it and ate its meat, a group of men, including BJP workers, gathered at Akhlaq's house, dragged him out and lynched him even as the family insisted they had not slaughtered any calf or eaten beef.

Akhlaq's son Danish was also injured severely in the incident that forced the family to leave their village in Dadri district of Uttar Pradesh and take shelter in Delhi. The police have arrested at least 10 people in connection with the lynching.