The world may never be the same again after the death of George Floyd and echoing these very thoughts is the 46-year-old deceased's daughter.

In the wake of the recent happenings in the United States of America, many protesters have taken to the streets to revolt against the prevalent racism and inequality against people of colour in the country.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams shared a bittersweet video of Floyd's daughter saying, "Daddy changed the world." Gianna Floyd can be seen sitting on NBA player, Stephen Jackson's shoulder in a protest. Stephen who happens to be a family friend of the Floyd's was also joined by Gianna's mom and George's ex-girlfriend, Roxie Washington.    

The video shows Stephen asking Gianna, "He did what?" to which the little girl replies, "He changed the world." What stands out in the video is how despite the gruesome details of George's death and the repercussions that followed, Gianna was still smiling.

Porsha Williams shared this video on her Instagram account with a caption, "Out of the mouth of babes ! George Floyd's lil girl- "Daddy Changed the world" Yes he did baby girl ❤️✊ #RIPKing"

Many of her followers shared sweet messages like, "Not gonna lie....I'm a grown man and I choked up on this." Another Instagram user commented, "❤️ he has to be a great man to raise such an amazing daughter."

Porsha Williams Instagram

George Floyd's death's investigation is ongoing at the moment. The 46 year old truck driver was killed by a police man, Derek Chauvin in a hustle. Chauvin arrested Floyd for using a counterfeit 20 dollar bill to buy a pack of cigarettes. Chauvin's conduct was not only unprofessional but also forceful for no viable reason that led to Floyd's death. America is seeing one of its biggest protests with an attempt to overthrow racism.