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In the upcoming episode titled "Awakening" of "D Gray Man Hallow" Season 1, a furious battle will take place between the once best friends, Alma and Kanda, and the outcome of it will decide the fate of the storyline.

To watch who emerges victorious and what happens to the one who loses, CLICK HERE or HERE.

Alma and Kanda had vowed to take care of each other, no matter what difficulties come their way. However, as the destiny would have it, both of them find themselves facing each other in a fate-deciding fight that they must undertake in order to bring things back to normal.

In the previous episode titled "The Truth about a Sterile Flower," after Kanda's memories compelled him to take away his Innocence, Alma put his best efforts to recover his own. Realising that they were in pain, the young scientist Bak Chan pleaded to Fo for letting him see Kanda and Alma, but Fo refused.

In the meantime, Kanda finds Marie, who was bleeding to death. Unable to think of any other solution, Kanda healed his wounds with his own blood. Afterwards, both of them went to find the whereabouts of Alma.

However, Kanda found out that a deranged Alma had killed all the scientists of the Asian headquarters. When Alma spotted Kanda, he tried to kill him so that they would die together. Just when he was about to finish off Kanda, the latter's memories got activated and forced him to kill Alma instead.

Elsewhere, Allen sensed Alma's death and broke free of Wisely's control. He rushed to Kanda and punched him hard in the face. The memories of Wisely caused Alma to transform into an Akuma and in a rage, he destroyed the North American Headquarter.

At the end of the episode, as Alma woke up amid the ruins, he was confronted by Kanda, hinting at a possible battle between the two in the upcoming episode.