The seventh episode of anime series "D Gray Man Hallow" will further explore the story of Alma and Kanda as the former will try his best to save the latter from the claws of the Exorcists.

Though Alma and Kanda have their own priorities and ideologies, there is no doubt that the two of them are best friends since their childhood and though there are differences, Alma is not the sort of person who can ignore his best friend suffering for a crime that he didn't even commit in the first place.

Episode 7 titled "The Truth of a Sterile Flower" will showcase Alma's adventures as he will make his way through the Exorcists' headquarters and reach Kanda. However, whether he will be able to get Kanda out of the cell or not, will be seen once the episode airs.

In the previous episode titled "Friend," the origin story of Alma and Kanda was explored. It was shown that they were used by the Black Order's science team as "Second Exorcists" who had powers to synchronize with their original Innocence through a regenerating skill they had naturally.

Initially, both Alma and Kanda didn't like each other and often used to argue. However, as the time passes by, they eventually became best friends. Everything between them was going fine until one day when Kanda started to have hallucinations of a woman.

When he told Alma about it, Alma suspected that the woman in Kanda's dreams is none other than Golem Fo. When the members of the Exorcists at the headquarters found about Kanda's hallucinations, they forcibly took him away and sealed him in a solitary cell.

While in imprisonment, Kanda recalled his past life and found out that he was an Exorcist who was killed brutally by an Akuma who wanted to steal his love of the life; the same woman whom he saw in his hallucinations.

The next episode might see Kanda deciding to trace back his past life's roots and find out what exactly happened to him.