Cyclone Ashobaa
Cyclone Vardah has already wreaked havoc in the remote islands of Andaman like Diglipur, Rangat and Billyground that witnessed a flood-like situation due to torrential rains. [Representational Image]India Meteorological Deparment

Cyclone Ashobaa, which is approaching Oman, is expected to cross the nation's coast on Thursday, and has already brought heavy rains and hail in its wake, as neighbouring UAE also braces for the impact. 

Oman's meteorological department said on Thursday that the cyclonic storm was only 170 kms away from the country's Al Sharqiya coast, and would bring heavy rains and strong gale winds in Muscat and other regions. 

The United Arab Emirates is also bracing for the impact of Cyclone Ashobaa, with dark clouds hovering over the skies in the eastern parts of the country, and some regions reporting flooding. Waterlogging and flooding was reported in Fujairah and Kalba in UAE, and rescue teams have been deployed, Emirates 24/7 News reported.


  • Tropical storm Ashobaa is affecting South and North Sharqia and Muscat with rains, rough seas, and strong winds, Oman's meteorological department said on its website
  • Weather experts have now said that Oman may have no reason to worry about Cyclone Ashobaa, as it has weakened and may even be stalled in the Arabian Sea.
  • The India Meteorological Department has said that Cyclone Ashobaa will cross the Oman coast only as a depression and not as a cyclonic storm, while said that the dry air that the cyclone encounters could even stall it before it reaches Oman. The IMD had said earlier on Thursday that Cyclone Ashobaa had remained practically stationary for over six hours in the Arabian Sea. 
  • UAE has reported flooding in some regions which is linked to the impact from Cyclone Ashobaa. Waterlogging and flooding was reported in Fujairah and Kalba in UAE, and rescue teams have been deployed, Emirates 24/7 News reported.
  • Aviation services in Oman will not be disrupted, Met officials have said. 

While Cyclone Ashobaa has been downgraded from a severe cyclonic storm to a cyclonic storm, safety experts in Oman have asked people to be prepared for the "unexpected". 

"People should be smart and need to be ready for the unexpected. Preparing your family and your home for a storm that is predicted is your responsibility. Stock supplies such as flashlight, candles, emergency medicines and first aid kits, apart from nonperishable food items, extra drinking water, cash and a gas cylinder," a safety expert told The Times of Oman. 

"I would also advise people not to sleep deep at night. It is important to check if everything is alright," he said. 

NASA shared a picture of Cyclone Ashobaa, while stating that tropical storms were rare in the Arabian Sea. Nasa said that the cyclone was irregular in shape, but the "storm's power was evident in the overshooting tops that bubbled up from its center".