Crowd chants 'Hardik-Hardik after dog ignores him; Varun Dhawan, PETA condemn kicking of dog who invaded MI vs GT IPL game
Crowd chants 'Hardik-Hardik after dog ignores him; Varun Dhawan, PETA condemn kicking of dog who invaded MI vs GT IPL game

Mumbai Indian fans are upset after seeing Hardik Pandya replacing Rohit Sharma as the captain of Mumbai Indians. The change of captains wasn't well received by GT fans as well as MI fans. The first IPL match between MI and GT was held on Sunday and Hardik was not welcomed the way he was expected. The captain if MI was booed by an 80-thousand-plus crowd at the While fans chanted Rohit's name.

It is the first time when an Indian player has been disrespected so brutally. Not just in person but also on social media, Hardik has been facing criticism.

Apart from the unwelcoming response from the crowd, the dog also ignored Hardik in the stadium. Yes, you heard that right!

Varun Dhawan, PETA condemn kicking of dog who invaded MI vs GT IPL game

During the Gujarat Titans (GT) vs Mumbai Indians (MI) IPL 2024 match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad a dog entered the field of play and Hardik Pandya was gearing up to bowl when the play was halted. Meanwhile, Hardik bent down to play with the dog but the dog ignored Hardik and was seen running across the ground.

As soon as the dog entered the field of play, crows started chanting Hardik. Not just on the field, social media erupted with memes and trolls targeting Hardik Pandya.

Take a look at the viral video here:

Meanwhile, another clip from the field shows ground staff kicking the dog brutally. The behaviour of the ground satf at te stadium wasn't well received by celebs and PETA and Bollywood stars.

Varun Dhawan on Tuesday expressed his anger over the ground staff for mercilessly kicking a stray dog who came inside the ground during the Mumbai Indian (MI) and Titans (GT) match on Sunday.

Taking to Instagram, the actor re-shared the video in the Stories section and wrote, ''wtf a dog isn't a football. Also, the dog isn't biting or harming anyone. Regardless there has to be a better way.''

The viral video was shared by an Instagram page named Street Dogs of Bombay and even penned down a long note along with the post.

''A helpless dog was seen being kicked and chased relentlessly, highlighting the unfortunate reality of animal abuse that often goes unchecked. What makes this situation even more disheartening is the reaction of some spectators, who not only witnessed this cruelty but also found it amusing, as evidenced by their laughter and sharing of such videos with emojis,'' reads a portion of the caption.

PETA India strongly condemns the kicking of dog during IPL

PETA India, meanwhile, said it strongly condemns the "reprehensible and 100 per cent unsportsmanlike act of chasing, kicking, and punching a lost and confused dog who inadvertently entered the stadium, likely afraid." 

As far as the match is concerned, GT won the match on the home ground against MI.