Crossroad, anthology movie, Malayalam portmanteau film
The first-look poster of Malayalam portmanteau film Crossroad.Rima Kallingal/Facebook

After the Malayalam anthology movies Kerala Cafe, 5 Sundarikal and Aana Mayil Ottakam, 10 filmmakers are getting ready with a portmanteau movie that celebrates womanhood. Popular actress and dancer Rima Kallingal announced the project via her Facebook page on March 8, on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

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The upcoming movie, titled Crossroad, will have 10 featurette films with a duration of 15 minutes each, directed by 10 filmmakers. The movies are said to be highlighting the issues faced by women in their daily lives. "The movie showcases each vibrant and variant facet of a Woman and tells her the story from her perspective [sic]," Rima writes on her social media page.

Lenin Rajendran, Madhupal, Sashi Paravoor, Albert, Avira Rebecca, Pradeep Nair, Nemom Pushparaj, Ashok R Nath, Babu Thiruvalla and debutant Nayana Suryan, will be directing each movies in Crossroad. Meanwhile, the movie will have Mamta Mohandas, Isha Talwar, Padmapriya, Srinda Arhaan, Mythili, Priyanka Nair, Richa Panai, Punnaseri Kanchana, Manasa and Anjana Chandran playing the lead roles.

Rima has also released the first-look poster of Crossroad, giving a glimpse on the characters played by the lead actresses in the featurette films.

"We are indeed at crossroads when it comes to gender sensitivity and gender equality and a movie highlighting the issues that women deal in day today life will surely unravel the many layers of the problems we face. All the very best to this beautiful venture [sic]," read a Facebook post by Rima.

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