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If the latest trailer for Joker Movie starring Joaquin Phoenix left you awestruck by its gritty R-rated violent take, then get ready to be surprised as the DC film has received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics after its world premiere at the Venice film festival on August 31.

Early reactions for Joker movie post the screening is finally in and critics strongly believe that Phoenix's performance, which is being hailed as a unique take on the arch-nemesis character, is truly Oscar-worthy. 

You can check out critics' early spoiler-free reactions for Joker in the tweets below. 

The R-rated DC film was quick to go viral after its world premiere on Saturday night. It was reported by Variety that audience praised the film by giving an 8-minute long standing ovation. Phoenix, director Todd Phillips and Zazie Beetz were in presence except for actor Robert De Niro. 

Joker Movie is set to release in the US and other regions on October 4. From the looks of it, Warner Bros studio seems pretty confident to lift review embargos on the movie when it is still a month away from its release. And the Oscar buzz for Phoenix makes up for it. 

Joker Movie
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The news shouldn't come as a surprise as Phoenix's effort to fully embrace the character was clearly seen in the final trailer. Furthermore, even director Phillips stated that the actor went through an immense weight loss transformation for the role

The DC fandom's expectations surely seem to have been fulfilled thanks to Phoenix's impressive portrayal of the clown prince of crime. Moreover, the actor also stated that previous essays such as Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning portrayal in The Dark Knight did not influence him. 

"I didn't refer to any past iteration of the character," Phoenix said to Variety. "It just felt like something that was our creation in some ways."

Venice artistic director Alberto Barbera also believes Joker Movie is headed "straight to the Oscars".

Joker Movie is next set to be screened at the Toronto film festival after which it will premiere worldwide on October 4.