Harley Quinn animated series trailer screencap
Harley Quinn series/ DC Universe trailer screencap

Warner Bros made headlines in early September when it surprisingly used negative reviews to market the critically acclaimed blockbuster Joker. This time, the DC Universe PR streaming service is going in a rather unconventional route to promote the upcoming Harley Quinn series!

Usually, television critics are invited to watch an entire season or selected episodes to review TV shows. Similarly, it looks like selected critics have already had the opportunity to see the Harley Quinn TV show but fans should brace for possible spoilers.

In an embargo letter sent out to Managing Editor of Decider and other journalists who got to watch Harley Quinn, the description clearly revealed that the studio has given the green light for critics to release their advance reviews of the show. 

Birds of prey Harley Quinn trailer screencap
Birds Of Prey/ Warner Bros.

The first part of the letter embraces the fact that "every PR executive" is out trying to sell a TV show to journalists as the "next FLEABAG", the successful award-winning British comedy-drama series. And bravely, though agreeing that HARLEY QUINN is not as good as "FLEABAG", the letter goes on to state that the show did turn out good and even "we'd (DC Universe) actually watch it. Unlike several other shows we've worked on!".

"Lastly, and this is of the utmost importance: Please, please, please, make sure you SPOIL WHATEVER THE [f***] YOU WANT. Seriously, we just want people to watch the show so if you need to spoil something in your review, we don't give a [s***], get your spoiler on," the letter read. 

It must be noted that the email does include an embargo date which prohibits writers from sharing any details regarding the series before a certain set date. However, it is still interesting to see DC Universe go ahead with a bold move such as this for a series that DC fans have waited for over two years.

The upcoming Harley Quinn series will be unlike any other and would not centre over the character's journey as Joker's sidekick. The upcoming Birds of Prey, a Harley Quinn spin-off from the DC Extended Universe also puts the character upfront as the main lead. 

The DC Universe series will be an R-rated show in which Quinn tries "to earn a seat at the biggest table of villainy: the Legion of the Doom."

Fans can stream the Harley Quinn series when it debuts November 29 on DC Universe.