With an increase in police brutality in several states of the country, this time Kerala police has come under the scanner for "insensitivity." The Kerala police is being slammed for their 'insensitive behaviour' towards a 17-year-old boy Renjith whose parents were immolated accidently during eviction from the their house.

Now, Kerala-based online activists Kerala Cyber Warriors have hacked the Kerala Police Academy's website calling the cops for their apathy towards the boy and his family.  This incident occurred after a video of a teenager pleading with police officials to allow him to bury his father triggered outrage in Kerala. 

Kerala Warriors
Kerala Cyber Warriors . Image: Facebook

After the official website of Kerala Police Academy was hacked, its content was replaced by a screenshot from the viral video. The hackers wrote on the website homepage, "The attitude of the police officers towards the general public is getting worse day by day. Those who choose to serve the people at the police academy should be assured that they are most humane and intelligent before sending them out to society." This according to the hackers was to highlight the insensitivity of the Kerala police.

Kerala Cyber Warriors wrote: "Let the pointed finger be the key to a new change. Dismiss the criminals in 'khaki' and clean up the police force."

The Kerala Police Academy page contained an image that was from the video of Renjith which went viral. In the video, Renjith was trying to dig a grave for his father, even while tearfully arguing with the police around him, to let him bury his father in peace. In the poster, Renjith can be seen pointing his finger at a police officer and asking, "Now only my mom is left to die, Sir." To this, a police officer responded, "What should I do about that?"

Here is the FB post

മൃദുവായ പെരുമാറ്റം, ദൃഢമായ കർമ്മങ്ങൾ' എന്ന് അർത്ഥമാക്കുന്ന 'മൃദു ഭാവെ, ദൃഢ കൃത്യെ' എന്ന സംസ്കൃത വാക്യം ആണ്‌ കേരള പോലീസ്...

Posted by Kerala Cyber Warriors on Wednesday, 30 December 2020

The Neyyatinkara couple's death incident

Renjith's family was living in a shanty which was built on an encroached land as per reports.The family was earlier ordered to evacuate by June.  When the police decided to evacuate them on December 22, Renjith's parents "accidently" immolated themsleves. Both suffered serious burns. The father died on Sunday and the mother on Tuesday. The video was show hours before Renjith's mother succumbed to her injuries.

In the viral video, While the police was trying to stop Renjith, he can be heard saying, "You were responsible for the death of my father. He asked me to bury him here only. Let him rest peacefully for now."

The family had managed to secure a stay from the Kerala High Court, albeit almost 20 minutes after the couple got immolated. Although Renjith's had hinted about the petition, the police ignored it, as per The News Minute reports.

Measures taken to restore the site 

Officials in the Kerala Police headquarters confirmed that the website of Kerala Police Academy was hacked. Though the poster was immediately removed from the site, measures are still on to restore the site.