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Creed II featured the fight of the century by pitting Apollo Creed's son, Adonis (Michael B Jordan) against Drago's son, Viktor (Florian Munteanu). But the sequel also came close to delivering fans one of the most anticipated rematch- a standoff between Rocky and the Russian boxer Drago.

Unfortunately, Director Steven Caple Jr cut the rematch and it never made to the theatrical cut. Now, actor Dolph Lundgren reveals that Sylvester Stallone was also "upset" over the cut.

Speaking at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention (via: Comicbook), Lundgren explained that the fight took place after Adonis' fight with Viktor which led to the young creed being hospitalised and Drago's son's disqualification. Post the dual, the Dragos and their fight promoter Buddy Marcelle storm inside the hospital with a film crew to use the moment as a publicity stunt. 

It soon leads to Sly's Balboa exchanging blows with Drago. Here's the full scene detail as Lundgren describes: 

"So Rocky comes down in the lobby, and we basically [say], 'We're going to go up there and talk to him, take some photos.' [Rocky says], 'I can't let you do that.' So then there's a kind of shoving match, and I take a swipe at him, and then we end the fight in the lobby," Lundgren said. "It was fun. It was interesting, because I hadn't thrown a punch at Stallone since '85, because in Expendables, we're on the same side."

Because Stallone "worked all day doing dramatic stuff," the Rocky star entered the lobby "not in a good mood."

Creed 2 still
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"I could see people clearing out. I was like, 'This is not going to be good, I gotta get in a fight with this guy now?' He's also producing the movie, he's my boss, all of that," Lundgren joked. "It worked out fine, we both enjoyed it. But I think the director decided he didn't want the fight in there."

"For some reason, they took it out. I haven't seen it cut together — I think it's on the DVD or something," he continued. "But Stallone was really upset, he wanted it in there. But I guess it broke the flow of the picture somehow, so there you go. Maybe next time."

Stallone shared a behind-the-scenes peek at the deleted scene on Instagram stating, "It would've been extraordinary," Stallone wrote. "But regretfully it was cut... pity." 

Sly himself had earlier confirmed that Creed II would be his final film where Rocky would make an appearance. The actor handed over the reign to Jordan who has also been offered the chance to not only star but direct Creed 3.