As the number of coronavirus cases in Palakkad, Kerala witnessed a dramatic rise, the district collector imposed section 144, which prohibited the assembly of four or more people in the area.

However, recent actions from CPI(M) MLA PK Sasi indicates he is above every law in the nation. Recently, Sasi conducted a welcoming ceremony for new people who joined CPI(M) from the Muslim League, and the video of the event clearly shows that the ruling party MLA has violated section 144, and he has also shattered all social distancing measures. 

PK Sasi
CPI(M) MLA PK SasiYouTube
PK Sasi's impudence continues
In the video, we can see PK Sasi talking to more than twenty people who are gathered in a small room. It should be noted that Palakkad is currently on the verge of a coronavirus community spread, and medical experts have several times claimed that the situation in the district is very dangerous. Even after the video went viral online, Kerala police have not taken any action against people who blatantly violated section 144 and social distancing rules. 
 During the event, PK Sasi also warned people who work against CPI(M) in the state. "CPI(M) is a very special party. If someone comes to the party with the utmost belief, we will give complete protection. You will be safe. But if someone betrays the party, they will face dire repercussions. This is the policy of the party," said Sasi during the event. 
PK Sasi's sexual assault case
This is not the first time that controversies are surrounding the political life of PK Sasi. A couple of years back, Sasi was accused of sexually harassing a woman member of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI). Even though there were possibilities of taking a Suo moto case, the police did not charge a case against the MLA. 
As opposition parties urged action against PK Sasi, CPI(M) suspended him from primary membership for six months, and they even deployed an investigation commission headed by party leaders. However, the investigation report claimed that Sasi's sexual harassment was of 'low intensity', and as a result, he was reinstated back into the Palakkad District Committee of the CPI(M).