Cattle herd
PETA Australia says the conditions the cattle endure during the travel to Israel are very grim. Many collapse or die from dehydration, suffocation, trampling or disease. IBT Media file

Haryana Gau Sewa Ayog (Cow Welfare Commission) has proposed 5 percent "cow cess" on movie tickets on top of the existing 20 percent entertainment tax. It has further proposed to levy Rs. 2,100 each time a reservation for a banquet hall is made. Besides, the Commission has asked government-run temples to contribute 50 percent of their revenues for protecting cows, reports Times of India.

The group's efforts to protect cows have also resulted in a suggestion to tax each bag of wheat; paddy and other crops which could earn Rs. 100 crore annually a senior officer told the newspaper.

The government was also planning to set up a force comprising about 300 policemen headed by an an IPS officer to drive cow protection efforts. 

The Manohar Lal Khattar government had also earmarked Rs. 20 crore to build "cow sanctuaries" in Panipat, Hisar, Sirsa and Bhiwani, says FirstPost.