It was in late 2019 that the first case of Covid was detected in Wuhan, China. The virus soon spread like a wildfire and emerged as a global pandemic. In the course of more than 20 months, coronavirus continuously evolved, and the strain that is now wreaking havoc in the world is the Delta variant. And now, a new study report has suggested that the variants of Covid are getting better at traveling through the air. 

People should follow strict safety protocols

The study report also urges people to use tight-fit masks, stay in proper ventilation, and receive vaccines. The research carried out by experts at the University of Maryland in the United States revealed that people infected with Covid exhale infectious virus in their breath, and those infected with the Alpha variant of the pandemic put 43 to 100 times more viruses into the air than people infected with the original strain detected in Wuhan. 

Covid in Kerala
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"Our latest study provides further evidence of the importance of airborne transmission. We know that the Delta variant circulating now is even more contagious than the Alpha variant. Our research indicates that the variants just keep getting better at traveling through the air, so we must provide better ventilation and wear tight-fitting masks, in addition to vaccination, to help stop the spread of the virus," said Don Milton, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. 

Can masks reduce the transmission of coronavirus? 

Researchers noted that face coverings significantly reduced virus-laden particles in the air by 50 percent. However, loose-fitting cloth and surgical masks didn't stop the infectious viruses from getting into the air. 

"The take-home messages from this paper are that the coronavirus can be in your exhaled breath, is getting better at being in your exhaled breath, and using a mask reduces the chance of you breathing it on others," said Jennifer German, co-author of the study.