As the coronavirus vaccination rollout is progressing steadily, speculations and rumors regarding the possible side effects of the shots have also started rounding the internet. It should be noted that all vaccines which humans take will have one or another side effect, and when it comes to the Covid vaccine, benefits often outweigh risks that include myocarditis and blood clots in the body. Even though these side effects are noticed very rarely, people should look out for symptoms, as it could be a warning sign. 

Watch out for symptoms of blood clots

In rare cases, coronavirus vaccination could cause blood clots in the recipient's body, and it may result in a heart attack. It should be noted that blood clots are not harmful when it is immobile. However, when it breaks free and travels to other organs like the heart, it could block the blood flow and will result in the death of the person. 

Covid vaccine
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Breathlessness is one of the most common symptoms of blood clots in the human body. The person may also experience chest pain, and in some cases, the person will cough up blood. 

When a blood clot happens in the lower legs and arms

Blood clotting could happen in the lower legs and arms of a person. If it happens, the person will feel sudden pain in the limbs. Other symptoms include swelling, tenderness, and reddish discoloration. 

Headache is the most common symptom when a blood clot gets formed in the brain. Other noted symptoms include difficulty in speaking, weakness, blurred vision, and delirium. 

If you experience unusual symptoms in the first 20 days of receiving the Covid vaccination, it is very much necessary to consult a doctor. It should be noted that blood clots can be treated well if diagnosed early.