Even though the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India has started showing signs of slowing down, experts are increasingly worried about a potential third wave of Covid that could hit the country in the coming weeks. As scare looms up, an SBI study report titled 'Covid-19: The race to finishing line' has predicted the timeline of a potential third wave hit. 

When will Covid third wave hit India? 

According to the study report, the daily coronavirus cases in India will drastically plummet by July second week. However, the cases will start rising once again by the second fortnight of August, thus marking the beginning of the third wave of the pandemic in the country. 

Covid third wave
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The number of daily cases in the country will rise gradually, and it will reach its peak in the month of September. The research report also noted that India achieved its second wave peak of the Covid pandemic on May 7. 

"Going by the current data, India can experience cases around10,000 somewhere around the 2nd week of July. However, the cases can start rising by the second fortnight of August," says the study report. 

Covid third wave: More details

The study report that analyzed global data suggested that average third wave cases could be around 1.7 times the peak cases at the time of the second wave. The SBI report revealed that India has fully vaccinated 4.6 percent of its total population, apart from the 20.8 percent of the population that received the first dose of the vaccine. 

A few days back, AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria had also warned about a potential third wave of the Covid pandemic. Calling the third wave inevitable, Guleria predicted that the next wave could hit India within six to eight weeks. A recent report from IIT Kanpur had predicted that the third wave of coronavirus could hit the nation by September or October.