Sarada Warangal

The pandemic has been bad for the economy and that is an understatement. Still, it has forced people to find new ways to sustain themselves. At such a time, an enterprising woman from Telangana has chosen to be a vegetable vendor. 

Sarada from Warangal is a young woman in Telangana. She lost her job due to the COVID-19 lockdown and has since then had to change her line of work.

A software engineer sells vegetables for a living

In Telangana, a woman named Sarada in the Warangal district sells vegetables on the street. When we talk about the impact of the pandemic on the job market it's people like Sarada we forget to talk about and mention in the whole system. Those who've lost jobs now have been reduced from people to just numbers. Her story has touched hearts across the nation catching the eye of netizens. 

Sarada is actually a software engineer by qualification she was previously working at Virtusa Technologies as in Performance and Quality Assurance. Before the lockdown, she joined 3 months ago as a trainee and then was taken on for a project but when the lockdown was announced she was told, they wouldn't be able to pay her. She was subsequently fired. 

Sarada from Warangal

Following the lockdown, she has taken to selling vegetable to support her parents and when a reporter from Sakshi TV asked if she had regrets she said confidently, "I am not having any regrets like that, it is to help my parents, and it should be supportive to my parents. Not only to my parents, this is my survival." 

Prior to Virtusa, she worked in Delhi as a performance analyst for two and a half years. Talking about those who've been driven into depression and stress over not having a job she said, people have their hands, legs and are human beings, one can even sell vegetables to survive, "Take it in a positive way, why are you waiting for the suicide and all these things. Don't get negative thoughts in your brain," she told the reporter it's just that the times are bad and it's not the fault of ours. 

Now, Software Sarada has received a response from the Vice President's office, and it is reported certain IT companies have also offered her a job. Even Sonu Sood was impressed with her attitude towards the situation.