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The Tis Hazari district court of New Delhi has barred the online e-commerce giant Snapdeal from selling, displaying and advertising goods of the Japanese electronics giant, Casio. The court order was based on an appeal made by Casio against Snapdeal and its sellers for selling copies of its electronic products under the company's trademark.

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"Casio is extremely sensitive towards protection of its intellectual property rights and has been actively fighting against the counterfeiting menace in India. As part of its anti-counterfeiting strategy and in an endeavor to ensure that its customers are not cheated with fakes, Casio has been fighting unscrupulous traders in local markets in India and has now extended its battle versus fakes on the internet," said Satoshi Yamazaki, GM at the legal department of Casio Computer to Economic Times.

Snapdeal joins the list of online retailers, sued by the brands for selling fake and copy products in India. Flipkart had faced similar controversy when the US footwear maker, Sketchers sued it for selling duplicate products under its brand name.


A Snapdeal spokesperson told Economic Times that the company will approach the court for the review of the order and its modification. He added that the company will focus on creating a distinction between the platforms and the sellers to ensure that the genuine sellers don't lose their market in the online e-commerce site.