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Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the abduction of a South Indian actress, was arrested by the Kerala Police after six days of investigation. The accused was arrested on Thursday, February 23, when he arrived at the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate court in Ernakulam to surrender.

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Suni and another accused Vijeesh were forcefully arrested by the investigators from the court premises in a dramatic episode. The unexpected events happened at around 1 pm when the magistrate had gone for a lunch break, and the duo was taken to Police club in Aluva for questioning. Though the incident hasn't gone down well with a group of advocates, who even protested on Thursday, many celebrities have been raising their voices in support of the Kerala Police for their timely action in arresting the culprit.

Mollywood celebrities, including Nivin Pauly, Kunchacko Boban, Murali Gopy, Rima Kallingal, Aashiq Abu, Mrudula Murali, Shilpa Bala, Sayanora Philip, Ranjini, Sujith Vaassudev and Shafna Nizam, among many others have come forward claiming that they are in support of the police team led by Central CI Ananthalal. They have spoken out on their social media pages using the hashtag #WeSupportKeralaPolice. Talking to reporters, actress Manju Warrier appreciated the police for their timely action.

"Count each thrash that you are giving him.. Count it to the number that is equal to the number of women in our state, in our country!" actress Shilpa requested the investigators.

Check out the celebrity reaction on the arrest of Pulsar Suni here:

Rima Kallingal

Pulsar Suni is in custody.
THIS was the main issue.
THIS is why my friend filed a case and came out in the open and exposed them.
This is what she wanted.
Now we can look for all the answers we want.

Mrudula Murali 

The trauma of seeing my (actress name) going through this indelibly horrendous situation, made me realise that this cancer is prevalent country wide and that our state is anything but 'God's own country'. All the culprits have been caught, thoroughly reaffirming our trust in Kerala Police. But embarrassed and disgusted at our jurisdiction body / lawmakers who claim this arrest to be against law. Could've well been their mother, daughter or sister. Just give up your job you despicable lot. Our country deserves better than you. Well Done Police #WeSupportKeralaPolice


Congratulations to our Kerala Police for the dramatic courtroom arrest! Although, we actors perform to the direction of a scene...here we witnessed the actual action by our bravehearts....Thanks to CI Ananthalal sir and his team for the commendable work. As usual, there are many who condemn the unethical arrest by slamming the police that they used unnecessary force etc to these unarmed men but I welcome and appreciate their heroic deeds. My primary concern is that that there should not be any external pressure to charge these men as the real culprit is out in the city walking scot-free! My plea to our police and media, keep on interrogating and bring out the REAL CULPRIT in the open without any "interference". Finally, hoping for a speedy trial and stricter sentencing without any "favours", let this be the landmark case and set a deterrence to others

Sayanora Philip

What are the laws for? What have the laws done to Govinda chami? Where is 'Nirbhaya' s rapists now??? Where the hell was the law when these girls were brutally raped and killed? Are these laws only for protecting the culprits?????????????
With the police! In every ways.

Shilpa Bala

Dear Sir,
Count each thrash that you are giving him.. Count it to the number that is equal to the number of women in our state, in our country!
Well done! Very well done!
Yes It was the 11th hour, but You did what was RIGHT!

Sujith Vaassudev

I salute Kerala Police..!
And I hope *SUNI* will not be another *Govindachaami*.

Shafna Nizam

What the hell is wrong with these people??? Why do they want to support a third rate criminal?? Why are they talking for him?? Why are they digging for negativity in such an appreciative move made by the police team??? This incident, where the police team caught the criminals from the court, increases the trust and love that we have for the Kerala Police... I strongly believe there's nothing wrong in what the officers did today!!!! Hats off to the police team who caught them!!! We believe in YOU!!! We believe Kerala police is there to protect us!!! We salute yu!!