Rape Protest
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On Saturday, February 18, Keralites woke up hearing the news of South Indian actress getting abducted and allegedly assaulted by a group of anonymous people the previous night near Athani in Angamaly while she was returning home from a shooting location in Thrissur. 

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The shocking news soon became a hot topic of discussion on news channels and social media, and now many celebrities of the entertainment industry, including Mohanlal, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Dulquer Salmaan, Kunchacko Boban, Manju Warrier, Aju Varghese, Namitha Pramod, Unni Mukundan, Geetu Mohandas, Innocent, Aashiq Abu, Rima Kallingal, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Vinay Forrt, Amala Paul, Rachana Narayanankutty, Vijay Babu, Lijo Jose Pelliserry, Rajisha Vijayan, Ranjith Sankar, Joju George, Sayanora Philip, Meera Nandan, Raai Laxmi, Kavitha Nair, Rasna Pavitran, Neha Saxena, Krishna Prabha and others have come forward supporting the actress.

Most of them have appreciated the actress for standing up against one of the social issues faced by every women raising alarm on their safety in Kerala. Meanwhile, the celebrities have also lashed out at few news channels for reporting negative news on the actress and have requested them to show her respect.

"Go to hell Kairali TV!John Brittas, if you don't know what is happening in your channel you should fuckin resign! When a human being is going through the biggest horror of her life you had time and nerve to find sensational stories for your air time? [sic]," actress Rima Kallingal posted on her social media page.

"The Times of India, The girl must at least get raped right? It would be brilliant if it was a gang rape. Even more sensational if there is an iron rod and much savagery. The more the better. Right? I believe yday Mathrubhumi channel was also in a hurry to confirm rape. But they later withdrew the news. I spit on your third rate yellow journalism you morons.#gotohell," Rima posted on her Facebook page.

After the news of her being assaulted by a gang, including her former driver Sunil Kumar, hit the headlines, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan promised that a probe into the case is underway and the culprits will be arrested. A special team under Crime Branch IG Dinendra Kashyap has been assigned the investigation. The actress' driver Martin has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the attack against her.

Check out how celebrities have supported actress:


It is most unfortunate to hear about this atrocity perpetrated on a Lady. Such acts should not only be condemned vehemently by one and all but exemplary punishment should be handed out to these criminals who are worse than animals so that it serves as a lesson to similar minded characters who I will not even term as humans. It's time we stop being candle holding and candle lighting sympathisers and ensure that the law of the land be strengthened in such ways that no body even dares contemplating such acts leave alone commit it. My heart goes out to her in this time of distress. May justice be served without delay. 

Dulquer Salmaan

I was hesitant to speak out about this incident yesterday out of respect for the victim of this travesty. It's easy to just post something on social media, but I'm afraid it somehow becomes about yourself. This is so much more than all that. It's something that sickens and frightens my core. I take great pride in our state and how safe our society is. Especially how we treat and respect our women. And yesterday it's like that shattered. This is somebody's daughter, somebody's sister somebody's family and someone who has brought to life so many wonderful characters to us film lovers. I wish and pray our superb police force, the Kerala Police catch these spineless cowards hiding behind their masks. Including myself and our industry, I request all our boys and men, young and old to be alert and vigilant. It's equally our responsibility to care about, look out for, and to respect & protect our women.

Prithviraj Sukumaran

Woke up today morning to the horrifying news that has by now been reported, misreported and sensationalised. As disturbing as it was, I refrained from saying something on what happened to one of the most beautiful girls I know because I knew whatever I or any one among our fraternity say, will only be fodder to click baits and TRP mongering. By now, all that can be said about the security of women in our "matriarchal/matrilineal" God's own country has already been said. And yes..as a man who has to share the responsibility of a society that bears this shame, I hang my head! But please..the most we can collectively do at this moment..is to respect the guts of this girl. I was supposed to start work with her in a week, and she told me that she'd like not to come back in front of the camera so soon..and so is pulling out of the film. I know this girl..I know how brave she is...if it's affected her enough to make her stay away from what she loves the most..I can only imagine how harrowing it must have been. Yes..please let us have an effective investigation in place and please let's bring the bastards to justice asap..but please..let us also not allow anyone..ANYONE..to celebrate someone else's misfortune. WITH YOU...will look forward to hanging with you as soon as you're up to it..and yeah..be who you are..and don't let today dictate the rest of your life. Love always..Prithvi.
PS: Please spare me the "English Medium" jokes on this one. Thanks.

Tovino Thomas

Absolutely shocked by what a friend has been subjected to, in the last few hours. The already insecure feeling for women here has become multifold. I was assured she is safe and well at home, but the whole thing has been alarming. Firstly the inhuman behaviour of men, regardless of similar wombs from where they came. And then the trauma of fear. Fear for how the helpless situation will be perceived. Fear of how the incident will be projected. And fear for the consequences. Already, "social channels" with zero credibility are running their shows on digital media. Let's not immerse in the incident; look at the issue that needs addressing, the bigger picture.

Vijay Babu

Met her a while ago ! As a brother to her , will never forgive what those animals have done with her dignity !!And dear media friends... show some humanity ...! . Don't try selling airtime when someone is burning within .

Rima Kallingal

Let us stand up for a fellow human being and a fellow colleague. Thank you for standing up for each one of us. For having the guts to fight. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Will stand by you till the end

Malavika Mohanan 

This is what's known as utterly irresponsible, pathetic, insensitive and IGNORANT news reporting! Times of India seems to be getting worse at their job by the day. You bring shame to journalists, times of India. Shame on you.

Meera Nandan

Seriously?????? Shame on you TOI!!! God help this world!!! Stay strong.. we are all there with you.....

Sharing a thought that has been disturbing me since sometime...Fear of sexual harassment haunts every woman the moment they step out of the comfort zones of their home. Men who harass woman continue to do so even after repeated cases of sexual abuse are being reported. Is sexual abuse not really a crime in India? Why is it that those who commit the crime feel they can get away with it ? Why is that the country's existing laws or the law enforcers unable to prevent such incidents from happening repeatedly ? Or to prevent corruption and black money is more important than making the women of India feel safe ?

Those convicted of sexual harassment are often let off after serving a short sentence. I feel its high time that we do something about this. If capital punishment acts as a deterrent to bring down such crimes, then we must have it for a safer tomorrow.

Rajith Menon

what happened to TOI??never expected this from a most trusted daily......journalism at its worst...

its really a shame on hearing whats going on in our state...be it an actress who got targeted by those who self proclaim to be "men" or the 7 yr old kid who got targeted by a priest...parents should make sure tht ur daughters along with learning dance,song and other activities make them equipped with martial arts also...n it would be really gud to see some Self Defense Academy for girls openup in our state like how Akshay Kumar started in Mumbai and other places and torture the guyz who comes to u with wrong motive....appreciate the guts shr hav for the reason why this came out and lets hope for a better tomoro whr this "men" gets immediate reaction to their action.....law takes time to punish these ppl and comes into action after the incident happens but self defense will protect u from any of these activities and gives everyone self confidence....lets hope for a tomoro whr every girl knws self defense as these kind of rapes or related activities wont come to an end otherwise.... #selfdefense #girls #safety #issue

Vinay Forrt

Stay strong my friend..solidarity

Ahaana Krishna

The amount of damage that has been caused by the word "MOLESTATION" , to the word "TRUST" is far beyond imaginable.
Whom do I trust?
Whom do WE trust?
If the first set of Bastards received their due, at least a few other Bastards would have stepped aback fearing punishment.
How long is this easy game going to continue?
How long more are Women supposed to be the Objects of your favourite game , that is OBJECTIFICATION ?
How long more are the Good Men around having to hang their heads in shame because of you Bastards? An answer to all of this would be most Commendable!

It takes self-belief , self-love and most importantly immense self-respect for a Woman to speak out. For her to bear the truth of the worst night-mare of her life. For her to Step Out , in hope of a better tomorrow , not just for her , but for all of her kind. One of the most independent and successful women hailing from the same part of the country as I , her grace and aura will continue to sparkle for all the years to come. Sincerely hoping for the worst kind of Punishment to be meted out to the Monsters who disguised themselves as Humans for a night. Chechi , Every Single Person is with You. Love and Hugs.

Aju Varghese

Is safety turning a myth? #shocked

Namitha Pramod

You are the brave icon! Will stand by you till the end :)..I truely believe that we all should come forward and raise voice against the current occurrences in our society..#womenprotection !!!

Geetu Mohan Das

When it hits close to home is when you get shaken up. The unfortunate incident that happened to her could have been you or me. It's only then do we realise our inner strength. My heart is broken just like all of you out there. I salute you my baby doll for your courage. You are not a victim. You are an epitome of bravery in my eyes. To all the media personnels i have only one request. You have the power of the pen, do not misuse it, be responsible. I see only one punishment - CASTRATE THOSE BASTARDS 

Amala Paul 

Shocked broken and horrified but proud of the courage shown by her. #wewillshowyoujustice

Kavya Ajit

:( how can any girl have a sense of security here when such incidents are on the rise ?

Rajisha Vijayan

What has happened today is bloody sad and unfortunate. Something no one should ever go through. It requires lot of guts to go ahead with the case and face all the procedure especially when you're a public figure and I personally commend you for that dear. I can't believe someone could so easily commit such a crime and leave unharmed. This incident only shows us how unsafe we women are today. And I urge you all to please be alert and be there for people who are in dire need of help. Stay safe guys and I sincerely hope the criminals would soon be behind the bars.

Rachana Narayanankutty

We are with you.... Stay strong...

Rasna Pavithran 

Such a disgrace... :(

Vijay Yesudas

It's so difficult for me to put to words what I feel right now - I am feeling like it happened to me - to my mother or my sister or my lover or to my dearest friend - I can't shake the shock I myself feel at this moment - every time I think of what she went through I'm in tears - which scares me and saddens me to think what She went through and is going through - It is not about me or anybody else here - our posts don't matter - No words of ours matter IF We cannot protect the women in our society.

I feel ashamed that this happens in my state and it's happening in so many places In MY Country. What is wrong with these men? We should not and cannot allow this to happen anymore. A simple LIKE or a post isn't enough to make Animals like this understand what a woman means to our society. How we are to treat them. This kind of thinking can only stop If The Police Dept and the Govt comes up with a new set of rules for such criminals. Just putting them away in prison isn't enough. so they can walk freely after few years. They should never feel freedom again.

I know how strong this person is - She will fight and come through on her own - But what Are WE as a society going to do about these spineless Heartless bastards - Who think they will easily get away with this kind of act ?? What are we going to do? I sure don't want to and will not rest until I hear that they have been punished. Until Authorities and the Govt. sends fear through the nerves of these kind of criminals . They will not stop.

Kunchacko Boban

A "MAN" becomes a real MAN when he learns to respect a woman. It takes more than the "6 inches" to be a MAN... Remember,even u came from the womb of a WOMAN.And its ur duty to acknowledge,admire and appreciate what all she went through....the pain,the suffering ,the agony.....and not to aggravate it. I respect and salute the courage of her.She showed what real "GUTS" is than the chauvinistic bastards.Its our duty to stand beside her, support her rather than throwing stones at her making some baseless allegations. And I pity those who try to make some sensational ruthless news value out of it. Remember this can happen to ur mother, sister,wife, daughter or friend. Be a MAN... Respect WOMAN!!!

Poojitha Menon

It is most dreadful for any woman to face an intrusion of her physical space. I admire her for her choice to fight this situation so boldly than keeping quiet about it which a majority of them do in the name of reputation in the society. This is a reminder to all women that it the perpetrators of the crime who are damned and never the woman herself. She is a true inspiration and every girl has to learn to be bold like her . Misfortune can happen to any and it is a request to everyone to stop rooting for the details of the incident and instead treat this with empathy and grant the woman in question her privacy.

Unni Mukundan

You Are More Beautiful Today Than Ever. I know you as a Brave Girl. Yes you are. I respect that you choose to speak about it knowing that TRP mongers will live on this... Nothing will change except for the fact the Everyone will know that you are one brave girl who choose to Fight. Police/Government, please find the bastards. Please restore the "Myth" that this is God's Own Country. WITH YOU !!!

Vivek Ranjit

Such shameless, disgusting clickbait journalism and even more disgusting headlines & comments and adding screenshots from her movie scenes just to get more clicks, just because it was a film actress who was affected. There is something deeply wrong with the minds of all these people. What's even more alarming is that if this can happen to a celebrity, how safe is our city/state/country for ladies? I hope those bastards are arrested soon. And that she stays strong through all this! She has shown immense courage by letting this out in the media so that it doesn't happen again to anyone else! Most others would have tried to keep quiet about the whole thing. I hope our reel heroes show at least a fraction of that courage to stand up for her, like they would do in the movies.

Neha Saxena

This is really quiet shocking and heart breaking ... how a known female celebrity Gets kidnapped and molested in her own car by unknown people with the help of her own driver. I just don't want to say or write anything but yes I want to make an appeal here ..

More than a Celebrity She is a Woman come forward and support her ..don't just sit back and watch the drama .. each and every one from Film fraternity should support her and make sure that she gets justice ..She is already emotionally broken ,plz don't just spread false rumours or make false statements without even knowing the fact ..I am really proud the way she showed her strength to fight back .. Respect her .. don't worry Gal we all are with you. I am With You. Really Feeling ashamed of this Act ...

Nirmal Sahadev 

Infuriating and disturbing. It's our shame. Not hers. I absolutely respect her courage to come out and go public with this issue. That takes guts. While the film fraternity is going to be voicing their support in the coming days, it is by no means disregarding the many others who could or have had similar things happen. It is finally shinning light. We as a society need to advocate change. While this day and event doesn't define her as a person, this is not ok by any means. Absolutely not. We are #WithYou as you navigate this terrible time.

Kavitha Nair

From the time I have spent with her, I am more than sure that she will come out of this phase and continue her life in the most finest way. More power to you dear!

Shilpa Bala

She is a big part of my Life.
Yesterday she was shocked, confused, tried her best to puzzle things up but didn't break.
This morning, the same girl is fearless ,holding her head high and ready to fight till the end along with the incredible support she has from the mass that she is aware of now.
She is doing this not just for herself, but for each and every girl out there. For your girlfriend, your wife, your sister and your mother too.
She is and has always been the most inspirational woman to everyone who knows her.
Those vultures already know that they went wrong with their catch and it is time for them to go back to that unfortunate mother's womb Dead!
To everyone- Do not be afraid of the world if you can raise your son with equal respect to men and women, good education, moral values and above all let him know how different human beings are from animals.
By doing this, your beautiful daughters will be able to walk freely. Because It shouldn't turn a dream for them.
From--a Daughter to a man of values, Sister to a sensitive girl and Wife to a loving Gentleman.

Ranjini Haridas

I am so ashamed to be born a human at times and what I woke up to this morning made me feel so yet again. What the heck is wrong with people ? I don't even know what to say or how to react. if an independent ,self made ,working woman like her can fall prey to this horrific thing that has happened so can each and every one of us girls out there.. !!! I bow my head in shame and honestly spit at the pathetic state of affairs in our state !!! To you,I applaud your courage to stand up for yourself and fight for justice .it must not have been easy as unfortunately you are born in the most judgemental ,prejudiced society ever but I hope you know that we are all with you .AND TO ALL OUT THERE LETS NOT LOSE FOCUS ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED AND HELP HER FIND JUSTICE. JUSTICE THAT SHE TRULY DESERVES. So so disappointed in pretty much everything happening around me right now !!!

Nyla Usha

U might have used your force on me! But that does not mean u have won and I have become a victim. I have the power to rise from even the ashes... it happened to my friend, it could happen to me , it could happen to anyone. I hope we show show the same courage ...Hats off to your bravery girl!

Pearle Maaney 

Strong women set Examples when they are faced with Challenges.She is one of the strongest women I know in the industry. She still is...She is Beautiful, Bold and in Divine Care. Peace Love n "Respect" To All. Watch your words. Use Social Media Responsibly.

Murali Gopy

As usual, No real respect shown.
As usual, No real strength imparted.
As usual,
The victim stands alone, in front of a sea of "support", with not a drop of water to drink!
It's Gosh's Own Country.
Not God's!
My heart goes out to you, my brave friend.
But sorry, I can only "support" you.


I love you for what you are girl and the steps you took is totally expected from you from what I know you personally... The morons whoever did this might have thought that she would keep quiet being consious of her image or whatever... But then **''! Idiots kind of forgot that all girls are not the same... There are girls in our state too who believes that self esteem and self respect is more important than image and stardom... Now if this could happen to a brave and bold celebrity like her this can happen to any girl in our society... So clearly the men of our own country is our biggest enemy!! Girls... Keeping quiet is no more meant to be and open up... Shout out loud and start raising ur voices... No matter what... We are there for you.. And we are gonna fight this out together!! And clearly sexual harassment in our country is no more a fear and it has literally become a part of surviving the life... So better add "defense against harrasement" as a subject in Every school or built a school in every city to teach defense... Coz this feels most important these days than getting education and degrees or graduation!!

Vinay Govind

It was shocking to hear abt the incident that happened to my dear friend in my own very 'literate' state. And its even more chaotic, how its been handled by a part of the so called active, media group and a section of insensitive public. Its not just about finding a solution for this case but putting an end to this barbarian behaviour thats spreading like wild fire across the state and the country.  Be positive and lets hope justice will be served to you and all the women across the country. She's been bold enough to come out in public and fight against this atrocity.Hope the outcome of the case is such that from the very next moment, all women in the country could proudly and fearlessly walk and run and sing and dance and do whatever, whenever and wherever they want to. And every other asshole will be petrified to his bones to even think about doing something harmful to them. Full power to you...!!

Sayanora Philip

You have messed around with the wrong girl guys. Just know that you are finished. Forever.

To all of those who loves her, has known her.
To all those who have been constanly eager to know about her health and being, this post is for u. After all the trauma and shock of this vicious incident ,she is still the bravest and strongest in her spirits.While explaining all her turmoils to us,she never cried.
PROUD' is just one word what i feel about her right now. This girl is here as a bold answer to the thousands of helpless, clueless, suffering molested victims. As a strong pillar to look upto, if something heinous has happened in their very own lives.
No words to describe the inner strength of her family taking care of her spirits in every single way. Power of a true family, which should be inbibed into every parent who has a daughter, looking forward to grow her into a ROARING LIONESS.!!

Sandra Thomas

What does a man mean when he says women have to be respected? Wise men say respect has to start from home, true. But a man who thinks his mother, sister or wife is primarily a maid and a cook and eveything else later, can only talk about respect but would never give. These men usually equate physical intimacy and caring with respecting women. But the same men will, without batting an eyelid, stab their women's souls and act like nothing happened. For them, it's no big deal.These are the kind of men who perennially ill-treat their own women, then wax eloquent online about rape and abuse. The most dangerous of men are therefore the ones who successfully convince the masses but willingly let the women in their life to suffer and die a slow death.

Yesterday humanity took a beating ...achieved a new low .. Am deeply saddened by the incident concerning our sister. While she has been brave to come out to report the incident, there are several such cases where the victims prefer to suffer silently because society,media,law and order puts such pressure on them. Let this incident be the last in our gods own country .I trust the judicial system, law and order and people in authority to take swift action and set an example that such an incident never repeats .I urge all friends and family to pray for her in this tough time . I also request the media to respect her privacy and insure matters are published in a dignified manner.

"Respecting a woman cannot be taught at home or anywhere else, by anyone. Respect can only be proudly shown by a man to a woman and taken with pride by a woman from a man, so it can be clearly seen to inspire and change others who see it."

Raai Laxmi

Wat the hell ! Am I listening to the right news ? Can anyone plz tell me wats this news about actress ? Shocked n shaken !Hope this is untrue ‍♀️n if so this is high time we raise our voice !How to trust anyone now?the word safety doesn't exist anymore#angry. I hope she's safe n alright ☹️ 

Joju George 

Wit Dear ....stay strong

Ranjith Sankar

With her!