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In an apparent case of necrophilia, a teenage girl's dead body was allegedly sexually assaulted by an unidentified man in Gujranwala district of Pakistan's Punjab province.

The corpse was reportedly exhumed from the girl's grave hours after her burial. The girl, who is a grade-VI student, had been electrocuted to death while having a bath in her house, in Qila Didar Singh town on Tuesday.

Muhammad Munir, the girl's father, buried her at a graveyard in Gujranwala district later in the evening.

The next morning when family members and relatives went to graveyard to offer fateh (prayer) they saw her body lying outside the grave. They later informed the police about the incident.

Police suspected that the body was exhumed by the man with the intention of rape. "The extent of damage done to the body will be confirmed once the investigation is complete and the criminals involved would be punished accordingly," ANI news reported police officials as saying.

Chief Minister of Punjab Province of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif, has ordered an immediate investigation into the incident.

Necrophilia, also known as thanatophilia or necrolagni, means sexual attraction towards corpses. Several cases of necrophilia have been reported from across the world.

In February, an 18-year-old woman from Joliet, Illinois, was arrested for killing two men and allegedly having sex with their corpses.  

In 2009, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for having sex with a dead three-year-old girl. The boy grabbed the girl took her to his home and drowned her to death into a basin full of water. He later threw the girl's body from the fifth floor.

"A postmortem examination on May 21 confirmed that the girl was first killed and then sexually assaulted," said an official of the Haizhu district public security bureau in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.