Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are among those celebrities who tested Coronavirus positive. The celebrated couple has since then recovered and now shared the ordeal that they faced when they were diagnosed with COVID19.

Earlier this week, Tom Hanks told National Defense Radio Show that he got tired after 12 minutes of workout. Right after a couple of basic stretches and exercises on the floor, he would just lay down in the hospital bed and slept.

Tom Hanks in SNL
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"I just had the weirdest thing. I just tried to do basic stretches and exercises on the floor and I couldn't even get halfway through. And she looked at me through her glasses like she was talking to the dumbest human being. And she said, 'You have COVID-19.'"

While talking about his wife Rita, Tom Hanks stated that she had a tougher time than him. Rita had a lot of high fever and other symptoms of Coronavirus. As per Forrest Gump movie star, his wife lost the sense of taste and smell. In addition to this, she was not feeling like having a proper diet.

"Rita went through a tougher time than I did'

"Rita went through a tougher time than I did," Hanks went on to say. "She had a much higher fever and she had some other symptoms. She lost her sense of taste and smell. She got absolutely no joy from food for a better part of three weeks ... She was so nauseous she had to crawl on the floor from the bed to the facilities."

In addition to Tom Hanks, his wife of 32-years also talked about the time when she was diagnosed with Coronavirus. During her conversation with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, she stated that she had a temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit and "chills like I never had before."

"I felt extremely achy, uncomfortable, didn't want to be touched, and then the fever started," Rita added.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
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Coronavirus impact on Hollywood:

As mentioned in our previous post, the pandemic has cost billions of dollars to the American entertainment industry. There were several big-budget movies that were supposed to release in mid-2020 has now been pushed to later dates.

In addition to this, the production of several movies and Netflix/Amazon's TV shows like The Witcher season 2 has also been postponed for a later date.