Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyone is maintaining hygiene and urging people to stay safe. Not only us even Bollywood celebs are making sure they stay at home and treat their fans with enticing videos to keep the entertainment intact. With so much time in hand, actors are giving their friends from the industry a virtual safe hand challenge.

The latest one to join the bandwagon in the safe hand challenge is global icon, Priyanka Chopra. The safe hand challenge task was given to her by WHO doctors with whom she went live and took up most likely asked questions pertaining to the virus.

Priyanka Chopra

Well, PeeCee's safe hand challenge was not the usual one but a tad different from the ones we have seen. While washing her hands she was seen singing an American song. Well, any guesses? Priyanka turned co-writer and was seen singing the same song that she wrote with her husband, and singer Nick Jonas.

Priyanka started her video saying, "Alright guys I was challenged by the WHO to wash my hands for at least 20 seconds so here we go," before she goes on to wash her hands with liquid soap and water.

She further sings in the video, "Wherever you are washing your hands, whoever you are washing your hands. It's a simple thing to do, let's do it all and you, let's wash your hands. That's it, do it for your safety. Do it for your family's safety and let us beat this pandemic." She then sings it on repeat until she is done washing her hands.

Nominates other celebs for Safe Hands challenge

She posted the video on Instagram and captioned it as, "I accept the #SafeHands challenge @DrTedros. One of the main takeaways from our IG live chat yesterday was the importance of washing your hands properly. It's a simple action that can help save lives and flatten the curve. And here's a song to ensure you're doing this for at least 20 seconds. co-written by @nickjonas. I nominate @katebosworth, @mindykaling, @nickjonas, @parineetichopra, and @amitabhbachchan. Namaste," 

She has now nominated Amitabh Bachchan, her husband Nick Jonas and her sister Parineeti Chopra.

Well, we all must follow this technique by former Miss World, so that we can wash our hands for a few more minutes.

For the unversed,  Priyanka Chopra along with her husband took part in a live conversation with WHO General-Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO's Technical Lead for Covid-19 on Tuesday.  She spoke in length about her concerns and Nick's concerns regarding the virus as Nick as diabetic and Priyanka is asthmatic. She later took fans' questions and got them answered by the doctor.


Priyanka and Nick raise concerns about their health

Nick mentioned that he is diabetic, and Priyanka is asthmatic and that they are both concerned about their safety.

The coronavirus is said to be worse for those with pre-existing conditions. Dr Maria said that the couple was taking the right precautions by staying at home, but that others who don't have pre-existing conditions should also do the same thing. To young people, the doctor said, "You are not invincible.


Priyanka asked whether the virus can spread via the air

 Dr. Maria stated, "The virus is not airborne. The virus can be transmitted through fomites, which means that the virus can remain on surfaces, but that doesn't mean that you can get the disease simply by touching an infected surface. I urge everyone to wash their hands and follow hygiene protocols.

Whether someone who has recovered from the illness can contract it again

Dr. Maria said, 'Those who are infected can be expected to develop an immune response, but data around that is still being gathered.'


Priyanka Chopra Live with WHO

Whether the virus can spread amid higher temperatures.

 Dr. Maria said that the virus has been observed to have spread in different climates, such as China and Singapore it's still early to have a definitive answer to the question. adding further, Dr Tedros said that work on creating a vaccine is underway. He said that it could take 12-18 months for a vaccine to be created.

Priyanka ended the conversation by bringing up concerns about low-income countries such as India, and to avoid spreading panic about basic necessities. She said I trying to make people understand that everyone is in the same boat. It's a weird leveler,"

 Priyanka also shared the entire conversation on Instagram.

She captioned her post, "There is so much information circulating about Covid-19. And right now we're all searching for clarity. My friends at @WHO and @glblctzn graciously brought the doctors working on the front lines here to give us answers straight from the experts. Please take some time to watch my IG Live with Dr. Tedros (General-Director at W.H.O.) and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (Technical Lead for Covid-19) from @WHO, who answered some questions that so many of you sent in." Guys, let's make it our duty to donate to @WHO and stand in solidarity to help flatten the curve (link is up in my bio) and please tag your friends and family below who are looking for answers and action steps. Thank you so much Dr. Tedros and Dr. Maria for taking the time, and thank you @glblctzn for everything you do. Everyone, please be responsible, stay home and stay safe."

 Priyanka and Nick have been in self-isolation for close to three weeks.