In the wake of the deadly novel coronavirus, the Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Services Department has kept under observation 138 people across the state, a health official confirmed.

"We are observing 138 people across the state, including in Bengaluru," the department's Communicable Diseases Wing Joint Director Prakash Kumar told a news agency.

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Out of the 104 samples sent for testing from the state, 85 have have been declared negative so far.

However, no coronavirus-positive case has been reported from Karnataka to date. Meanwhile, four persons admitted in state hospitals have been kept under medical observation.

Out of the 104 samples sent for testing from the state, 85 have been declared negative so far. Around 130 people across the state of Karnataka were kept under home-isolation observation.

Surveillance in districts bordering Kerala

Four Karnataka districts bordering Kerala -- Kodagu, Mangluru, Chamarajanagar, and Mysuru - continue to be under surveillance after three positive coronavirus cases were reported in Kerala.

The Kerala government has declared the coronavirus a state calamity after three confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus.

From January 20 to date, over 14,150 passengers underwent thermal screening at the Kempegowda International Airport, including three who had a history of visit to Wuhan in China.

The '104 Arogya Sahayavani' call centre, which people can call for guidance on coronavirus, has clocked 1,792 calls so far.

"In case people with recent travel history to China and other affected countries develop any symptoms, they are requested to call 104 or health authorities and provide all necessary details in order to take necessary measures and are requested to be quarantined in isolation at home," reiterated the department.

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