As the entire nation is going through a lockdown period due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a man in Kerala has committed suicide due to the non-availability of alcohol.

As per reports from regional media outlets, the deceased has been identified Sanoj from Kunnamkulam, Thrissur.

alcohol hangover
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Withdrawal symptoms resulted in suicide

Family members of Sanoj revealed that he has been showing withdrawal symptoms since the day the government shut down booze outlets due to coronavirus outbreak. The government made this decision to prevent the possibility of the Covid-19 community spread, as thousands of people used to line up in the queue in beverage outlets.

As per the latest updates, police officers have registered an FIR based on the statements from his relatives. Sanoj who was 35-years-old is a bachelor.

Liquor shops should be closed

Yesterday, minister Kadakampalli Surendran had revealed that the closure of liquor shops could emerge as a social issue in Kerala. As per Surendran, the closure of booze outlets could trouble alcoholics, and they will start showing withdrawal symptoms that may trigger unrest in society.

However, the general public in Kerala believes that proper psychiatric counseling should be given to people who are facing withdrawal symptoms due to the non-availability of alcohol. As per these people, opening booze outlets in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak will be a suicidal move, and they claim that beverage outlets in the state could emerge as the hotbed for the Covid-19 community spread.


On March 26, 19 fresh cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Kerala, and it makes the total number of infected people in the state 138. As lockdown is progressing, the government is taking strict actions against people who go out of the house for unwanted activities. In the meantime, Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has started conducting press meets via video conference from yesterday.