Playback singer Remo Fernandes has composed and sung a song on Covid-19 and Coronavirus. It is not a message-oriented track to highlight the importance of wearing a mask or social distancing, but over the discrimination against migrants.

Remo Fernandes
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Remo has come up with a song on the lines of the late 70's rock bands playing in garages "using only live rock band instruments (electric, acoustic and bass guitars, and an electric piano), and one-drum track which I programmed". The number has been released on YouTube on Friday, 17 April.

"I had decided I would not to do a song about COVID-19. But then this is not a 'wear your mask/wash your hands/stay at home' song. It is also not a 'pray and God will save you' song. It's a song about human mentality and behaviour. Before, during and after the pandemic," Remo says in his introduction to the song.

The song's lyrics critique the penchant for 'othering' commumities and according to the Padmashri awardee, the Chinese currently top the Indian priority list for discrimination. The lyrics go thus:

Before this pandemic,
We screamed Ghannti! Immigrant!
Muslim! Christian! And Hindu!
After this pandemic
We shall scream:
Ghannti! Immigrant!
Muslim! Christian! And Hindu!
But right now we can't blame any of these
Right now we are down on our knees
Right now we dare not even sneeze
So we transfer our hate
To the Chinese!

Remo is an Indian singer, with naturalized Portuguese citizenship. He earns the status of a cultural icon in the coastal state. His music is a fusion of different lifestyles and cultures. His English songs in Hindi-dominated atmosphere came as a fresh breath of air.

With inputs from IANS