Up until the virus emerged as a widescale issue, we had only seen celebrities on social media through glamour shots and film posters as well as promotions. In actuality, we saw very little of them. 

Now, with the pandemic creating major concerns for the film industry and requiring huge lifestyle changes, we're seeing a different side to celebrities. When you take off the gloss, you're left with humans just like us trying to pass time and make the most of a situation.

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Coronavirus forcing everyone to check their privilege

It's not just celebrities though, even we are faced with some realities we have never had to look at before. These include not having maids to do chores for us. Not having the liberty of going wherever, whenever. Having to think about how to best utilise resources when everything's uncertain. Also, entertaining ourselves. 

Celebrities too have sent home their staff, don't have the comfort of working out in a gym, are not able to step out or travel as often. Even they are having to take similar precautions just like us and are finding the boredom excruciating. What's also interesting is that what they're doing under lockdown, such as chores, is extremely impressive but for many of us that's something we do on a daily basis. When they do it, it still seems more impressive and impactful. That's privilege for you.

Well, when it comes to chores, all actors have been forced to do their own chores. Kartik Aaryan also posted videos on the same and so did Katrina Kaif of washing dishes and sweeping. 

For many celebrities working out in the times of Coronavirus has been a major concern, now that gyms are closed. For many of us, that's daily life, gyms are after all a luxury.

Seeing celebrities find ways to entertain themselves, through art or books, writing or music reminds us of our everyday lives. Perhaps, busy lives take away from this.

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stay home & .... finish a book ??

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Ek toh gaya ? ab tera kya hoga, Bajirao?

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Celebrities are having to find new ways to socialise, in group video calls. Haven't we all been there and done that?

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Well, there's nothing like a virus to create change.