There have been many videos surfacing on social media where residents can be seen singing and dancing on their balconies in Italy. Even in the middle of a pandemic, music is one thing that continues to help people bond and de-stress.

Riding on this bandwagon of motivation mixed with entertainment, Coldplay's Chris Martin set up a live stream on his Instagram account to perform a concert for his followers.

The singer who had a concert scheduled for this week decided to not disappoint fans. The 'Yellow' singer can be seen performing on his piano from the living room of his house.

He named the home concert, Solidarity Sessions. He also took recommendations and requests from fans during the live stream.

Martin even joked that 'it's very hard to be a pop star' as 'you don't know who hates you and who loves you.' The 43 year old singer kept things cosy in a beanie and a striped sweater.

Chris paved the way and inspired several other singers to come forward and do home concerts for fans. John Legend later announced that he would follow in his colleague's footsteps too.

'We'll try to get through this together!'

Legend tweeted that his 'friend Chris Martin did a lovely little concert from home' and that he will 'be doing one' too. He also tried to address the tense atmosphere and said, "We'll try to get through this together!"

Many Hollywood celebrities have been trying to pump up sprits of their online followers. Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman also put together a performance from their garage.

Pink, Rob Thomas, and Katharine Foster are some other celebrities who hosted similar concert sessions on their Instagram accounts.

It's amazing to see how even in the middle of a global crisis, the spirit of humanity is still alive. Although small gestures, these lives sessions are helping many people around the globe enjoy the smaller joys of life.