Burdened by the lockdown, the fitness industry across the country struggles to keep up its services as most of the gyms including the larger, luxurious ones are on the verge of shutting down its services.

Zela luxury health club
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Luxury fitness centre shuts its services 

Zela Luxury Health Club in Bengaluru, which looks ahead to shut its services due to the lockdown, is merely one among the fitness centres that have already faced the brunt of the coronavirus induced lockdown.

Although the government looks into security measures that allows reopening of the public services concomitant to the precautionary guidelines to curb the viral spread, most of the gyms and fitness centres are supposed to remain closed, well beyond May 31.

The chances for the threat posed by the Covid pandemic to shun customers from joining in these fitness centres hereafter are typically high as the existing norms such as social distancing and open ventilation would make indoor gyms untenable and unviable both from a member as well as from a commercial perspective, mentioned Zela in its notice regarding the closure of its services.

"This pandemic has resulted in insurmountable financial losses to Zela with no financial support forthcoming either from property owners, utility providers or the Government. This leaves us with no choice but with a heavy heart to close the operations at Zela in view of the continued lockdown," it wrote.

Zela luxury health club
Zela luxury health clubweddingdoers.com

Fitness services via online 

Nevertheless, the fitness centre management is trying to bring in app-based mediums to continue to cater to the wellness of its members, by which they can access the fitness guidelines while being at home.

In addition to this, the management also stated that the developments and decisions by the Centre as well as the State government will be keenly observed so as to resume its services in its own centre at 'The Residency' or any other location in its vicinity.

Most of the gym owners across the state share the same woes as of the Zela's. The situation could quickly turn even direr if the closure of the fitness centres goes extended beyond the fourth phase of the national lockdown. A majority of these centres have therefore switched to online services to prevent its business from drying up completely.