Copy Once, Paste Anywhere: Microsoft Simplifies The Task With New Cross-Platform Tool
Microsoft Simplifies Copy-Pasting With OneClip: New Tool That Works Across All DevicesTwitter / Walking Cat

Microsoft is keeping its hands full with new software development. While the major highlight has been Windows 10, an interesting tool has come to light.

OneClip has a simple task of making our daily copy-pasting of documents, text and pictures, as easy as possible. By the looks of it, Microsoft has clearly hit the nail. According to Windows Central, the new tool lets a user copy and paste documents, photos and more, across different devices.

In simply words, OneClip works just like OneDrive except that it is reserved only for the copy-paste function. Users can get started by pairing any number of devices using temporary codes and the copied information will be shared across all paired devices instantly. Users can copy photos, phone numbers, addresses, screenshots and lot more while OneClip syncs the items across all devices.

"It might be a photo you took, a screenshot you made, a phone number or address you copied on your PC (and really need now while you're on the run) or just an important piece of text. OneClip makes this available to you automatically, on your behalf, on all your devices. Across device, secure, intelligent clipboard in the cloud," OneClip description reads, according to a screenshot shared by Twitter user @h0x0d (Walking Cat).

OneClip differentiates normal text and passwords and does not copy and sync your confidential data across devices. Users can also choose specific apps that OneClip can exclude while uploading information to the cloud.

Windows Central tested the OneClip on Android, Windows and Windows Phone and found the app to work seamlessly. The app also supports iOS devices, making it a useful tool for iPhone users to share important information without hassles. As Engadget noted, OneClip is currently available as an internal beta on Windows Store but only company's testers and employees with proper accounts have access to the app. There is no word on public availability of the app.