Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's Hindi movie War
Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's Hindi movie War posterTwitter

Contrasting reviews of the movie War has created an actual dirty fight between Kamaal R Khan aka KRK on one side, and Sumit Kadel, Rohit Jaiswal on other side.

Movie critics often give mixed reviews of films, but rarely something like this happens where two critics got into a nasty scuffle on Twitter. It all started after KRK ridiculed critics, who appreciated the movie War starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. However, Sumit said that his reaction was a result of months of provocation by KRK.

While KRK declared the film to be a disaster, the other two critics praised the movie. The tweet from self-proclaimed critic KRK where he mocked all the critics who appreciated the film left Sumit and Rohit irked.

"For all the actors n makers those #2Rscritics are brilliant who call their crap film brilliant coz this is what they want to hear. If even his neighbor also doesn't know about that critic. If even that critic runs a PRCHUN shop somewhere in Bihar or Bengal. Truth is always bitter," this was the tweet from the controversial critic that started the fight.

Taking note of the tweet from KRK, Sumit and Rohit counter attacked him with tweets, ridiculing him.

"What is the sign of mentally disturbed & failed person-Individual who bash & talks shit about everyone everyday, use foul language for their work just to seek attention. In our field also there is 1 moron who does that,he should open his wig & let some air pass through his head," Sumit tweeted. Rohit too made tweets slamming KRK and advising him to behave himself.

Sumit also reached out to International Business Times India and said that KRK has been "provoking" him since months, and his outburst was the result of the same.

"He is provoking me since months, and that's the reason I made the tweet yesterday without taking his name. War review has nothing to do with it. Yes, he targeted me by using 'Bengal critic', he did the same before the release of Saaho. My reaction came yesterday as a result of months of provocation by him," he told IBT.

The Twitter fight became so nasty that Sumit shared audio clips and Whatsapp messages from KRK where the latter used abusive language for them and many other people from the industry. Well.

Check some of the tweets below: