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After a week-long break, The CW's mini-series "Containment" is back with an upcoming episode titled, "There is a Crack in Everything" and it seems that there will be some major stories explored in the episode.

CLICK HERE to watch what happens to Jake (Chris Wood), Jana (Christina Moses) and other members in the upcoming episode.

The synopsis of the episode by Spoiler TV reads: "Dr Cannerts (George Young) makes a major breakthrough that brings him closer to formulating a cure for the virus."

In the previous episode, titled "Inferno," a group of disillusioned drug addicts looking for more drugs attacked Jana and her friends. However, with Jake's assistance, they managed to kill them all. Elsewhere, while trying to enter the cordon and save Jana from the infected people, Major Lex (David Gyasi) lost his badge.

Jana was successful in fixing the hospital's surveillance video that had evidence of the origins of the virus outbreak. Jake and Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) started to examine the video and find out the whereabouts of Patient Zero.

Initially, both of them had a tough time making sure that the data recovery centre is safe. In the upcoming episode, they will use the city's underground tunnel system to escape the cordon.

Thomas, the boy who was found to be immune to the deadly virus in the previous episodes, will help Dr Cannerts in the upcoming episode to create an antidote for the virus.

However, the task won't be that easy as extracting the antidote from Thomas will require a risky surgery. In the sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Dr Lommers can be seen urging Lex to sneak Thomas out of the fence. However, it would be a difficult task for Lex. Fortunately, he will get his badge back so that he can continue with his covert operations.