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The last episode of The CW's miniseries "Containment" Season 1 lifted the hopes of those who are stuck inside the cordon. It seems that Jake and Katie had found someone who is immune to the deadly virus – a boy named Thomas. If that is the case, the doctor would be closer to finding a cure for the plague.

CLICK HERE to watch whether the people in the cordon would be cured of the infection or not in the upcoming episode.

According to Design & Trend, Jake and Jana will be reunited in this week's episode, titled "Inferno." However, things will deteriorate in the safe data recovery centre. Elsewhere, the national guards will protect the area and will take over the situation.

The synopsis of the episode, as stated by Spoiler TV, reads:

"DON'T GET CAUGHT — With the cordon now under the purview of the National Guard, Lex (David Gyasi) finds himself clashing with Captain Lee Scott (guest star Miles Doleac), who is now in charge of the operation. Inside the cordon, Jana (Christina Moses) steps up after the data recovery centre comes under attack by a violent group of addicts looking for more drugs.

Elsewhere, Xander (guest star Demetrius Bridges) and Leanne (guest star Tiffany Morgan) continue to disagree over Teresa (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) and the baby's best interests, while a desperate plea from Jana leaves Lex's world turned upside down. Chris Wood also stars."

Jana will be compelled to step up after a violent group of drug addicts attacks the data recovery centre in search of more drugs. The addicts are the same people who had tried to steal Jana's food in the previous episode. Things will get worse and Jana will be left with no choice but to call for Jake's help.

Though Lex and Leo will get the footage from the hospital's surveillance system, much to their disappointment, they will soon find out that it is corrupt. In order to fix the footage, Lex asks Jake to deliver the original video to Jana.