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Things are going to turn darker and more grim in the upcoming episode, titled "With Silence and Tears," of The CW's mini-series "Containment" Season 1 as Lex (David Gyasi) will be compelled to deliver false promises to the public while Leo (Trevor St. John) will face an unexpected ally that will leave him shocked.

CLICK HERE to watch why Lex will lie to the public and whether someone is blackmailing him or he is doing it due to some other reason.

The synopsis of the episode, as stated by Spoiler TV, reads:

"As the situation inside the cordon grows direr, Lex's frustration builds as he becomes increasingly conflicted by the messages of false hope he's being forced to send to the public. When Jana suspects something is off with Lex's demeanour, she realises the situation may be more serious than the government is letting on and devises a plan to reach Lex directly.

"At the hospital, Dr Cannerts (George Young) continues working towards finding an antidote, while Jake (Chris Wood) helps Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) cope with some personal issues.

"Elsewhere, Leo becomes concerned for his friends inside the cordon and turns to an unlikely ally to help him.

"Finally, a turn of events at the grocery mart leaves Teresa (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence) and her mother in a terrifying position."

In the promo of the episode, it can be seen that people are trying their best to escape the cordon despite the resistance put up by police. While one of the persons is seen getting shot by the police, another one somehow manages to short-circuit the fence and climb over it. However, whether he will escape without being killed by Lex or another policeman, will be seen once the episode is aired.

In the previous episode, titled "Be Angry at the Sun," When Dr Lommers (Caludia Black) denied Lex's request for additional reinforcements, Lex relied on Jake to take control of the situation inside.

Elsewhere, Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) had a confrontation with one of her student's desperate parents. Teresa was shaken when her mom's store was robbed, and when Leo released more damaging videos, drastic steps were taken to shut him down.