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In the upcoming episode titled "Be Angry at the Sun" of The CW's miniseries "Containment" Season 1, it seems that Lex (David Gyasi) will be left with no other option than to ask for Jake's (Chris Wood) assistance after his proposal will be refused by Dr Lommers (Claudia Black).

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According to the synopsis of the episode by "When Dr Lommers denies Lex's request for additional reinforcements, Lex must rely on Jake to take control of the situation inside. Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) has a confrontation with one of her student's desperate parents. Teresa (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence) is shaken when her mom's store is robbed. When Leo (Trevor St. John) releases more damaging videos, drastic steps are taken to shut him down."

The promo of the episode hints that Jake will be compelled to step out and try his best to stop people from panicking. In the promo, he can be seen using sticks to stop violence on the streets. Afterwards, Dr Victor Cannerts (George Young) asks him to burn the bodies of the diseased people.

Elsewhere, Lex will continue working for Centers for Disease Control and the next episode will showcase his clash with Dr Lommers as he knows that she is not being honest with him regarding several things.

In the previous episode titled "I to Die, You to Live," Lex asked for Jake's help in tracking down a missing woman who had contacted an infected patient. Meanwhile, Teresa learnt about her friend's possible exposures.

Elsewhere, Katie watched over her students, while Jana discovered that Suzy was also stuck inside the cordon.