The third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam is progressing in a very interesting manner. In the Saturday episode of the show, host Mohanlal discussed several events that happened inside the house, and he revealed that the inevitable elimination will happen in Sunday's episode.

Angel Thomas is eliminated

There are six housemates in this week's elimination list, and it includes Angel Thomas, Firoz Khan-Sajna duo, Manikuttan, Rithu Manthra, Soorya, and Anoop Krishnan. However, apart from Angel Thomas, everybody performed well in this week's task, and it helped them to stay inside the house safely. Angel, on the other hand, did not even bother to perform in tasks, and what she tried to do was to develop a love track with Adoney.

Angel Thomas
Angel ThomasDisney Hotstar

Adoney is not a widely accepted contestant in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, and Angel's love track with him literally irked the audience. Moreover, Angel, before entering the house had told Mohanlal that she will be trying to lure Manikuttan. After entering the house, Angel changed her gameplan, and she decided to impress the audience by developing a romantic affair with Adoney.

Manikuttan and Firoz Khan continue to dominate the show

The last week of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was happening, as the house witnessed several dramatic and emotional scenes. Amid this havoc, it was Manikuttan who impressed everyone with his impeccable performance in the University task. With unique one-liners and spectacular acting, the Mollywood star stole the show. In the recent voting too, Manikuttan received the maximum number of votes, while Angel Thomas received the least. 

Firoz Khan as usual succeeded in creating content inside the house. On Friday, Firoz Khan created issues with both Bhagyalakshmi and Kidilam Firoz. During the morning task, Firoz Khan claimed that Bhagyalakshmi is a poisonous ocean. Later, Bhagyalakshmi requested Bigg Boss to eliminate her at any cost.