Technology giants like Google and Apple are ensuring that new technologies and innovations are turning cars into smart cars.  

Earlier only car manufactures had accessibility to make changes to the electronics components in their vehicles. Now, second parties like Google and Apple are entering partnerships with the auto manufacturers. The tech giants are now integrating their electronic interface in cars adding to the value of cars for customers.

If the electronic interfaces in cars were primitive sometime ago, Android Auto and Apple Car Play are hoping to bring about a paradigm change. 

Each Android Auto and Apple Car Play system has its own integrated system with unique AI interface. Of these two, Google was the first in producing its line of products in auto manufacturing, and then Apple joined the game. Both the tech giants use particular proprietary software.

Android Auto

Being the first to hit the market, Android Auto has a lot of features to offer Android users. Now Android makers are ready to bring their Android platform to  cars. Like smartphones, Android Auto also has apps which can be handy while driving.

Google has given priority to hands-free while using its interface. So it has shifted its attention to AI (Artificial Intelligence). With new updated AI, users can interact with the device for purposes like scheduling a meeting, getting reminders, typing out messages and calling designated persons.

Google has created fewer number of apps, so that the driver doesn't get distracted while driving. These apps include Google Play for music and Google Maps for accurate navigation with updated traffic lanes and correct geopositioning for finding nearby places while you are driving.

Google thinks that Android developers will have lot of opportunities in producing third party applications for the device.

Apple Car Play

Apple is one of the elite member in mobile and computer manufacturing and now the tech giant has got footprints in the auto industry.

Like Android Auto, Apple's Car Play has some benefits to offer. Apple Car Play makes your Apple device connect to the car and it acts as a streaming device to play music, contact someone. Like like iPhone, the car's AI also happens to be Siri. So users can sit back and relax and have a conversation with Siri like making appointments or simply have a conversation with it while you are travelling alone, to stay awake especially at night. There are some additional features like social media notifications for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The downside to Car Play is that it doesn't have third party apps, like Google Maps, for exact traffic navigation. Apple's map is not much recommended while driving, because Apple's system doesn't give the exact pointers when you need them most.