Remember the 10-kilometer-long traffic jam in China's Hainan Island? Now, it seems, even Singapore is not immune to ridiculously long gridlocks.

Motorists were stuck for more than 16 hours at checkpoints between Singapore and Malaysia since March 29, ahead of Good Friday weekend. In a Facebook post, The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), announced Thursday evening (at around 6.35pm) that there was heavy traffic at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints.

Even Friday morning, ICA announced that traffic leaving Singapore is "extremely heavy". Since then the Singapore government agency has been constantly updating Facebook statuses to keep people informed. 

Several people have shared pictures and video of the traffic congestion. Many said that they have been stuck in the congestion since wee hours of Friday, reported the Straits Times.

Though traffic jams are becoming increasingly common in Singapore, China is known for its massive congestions. In 2010, thousands of vehicles were caught in a gridlock for over 100km for more than 10 days due to works on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway.

Recently, more than 50,000 travelers in, approximately, 10,000 cars were over the Qiongzhou Strait in Hainan Island due to heavy fog between February 19 and 20.

Authorities had to call upon city's civil servants to help the volunteers with providing essential services to stranded passengers.