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[Representational image] More than 10,000 cars of over 50,000 travelers were stuck in a 10-kilometer-long traffic jam.Reuters

After world's most crowded beach (Qingdao Huiquan Beach, China), most crowded swimming pool (Tokyo Summerland swimming pool) and most crowded prison (Kresty Prison, St. Petersburg, Russia), people are going bonkers over pictures of 10-kilometer-long traffic jam in China's Hainan Island.

More than 10,000 cars of over 50,000 travelers were stuck in traffic due to fog over the Qiongzhou Strait in the island's capital city of Haikou between February 19 and 21, reported Daily Mail citing Chinese news site Sina.

Pictures and videos, shared by Kan Kan News, show thousands of cars waiting to get on ferryboats and leave the popular holiday destination, which was visited by several during the seven-day national holiday to celebrate Lunar New Year.

In pictures, which were circulated online, long queues of cars were seen outside ferry services of the islands like Xiuying Port, Xinhai Port and Nangang Port from the evening of February 19.

As per reports, 30 boats ferried nearly 7,000 vehicles in 4.5 hours on February 20. However, the local government said that they would take another 24 hours to clear the queues.

Authorities have also called upon city's civil servants to help the volunteers with providing essential services to stranded passengers, reported

Moreover, due to the fact that boats could operate only periodically because of dense fog and excessive demand, the prices shot up by 20 times.

However, this is not the worse traffic congestion China has seen. In 2010, thousands of vehicles were caught in a gridlock for over 100km for more than 10 days due to works on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway.

Last year, during the Lunar New Year, Beijing-Hong Kong expressway witnessed heavy congestion outside Beijing for 50km (31 miles). In October 2015, during the same time, motorists were stranded in the capital city in a 50-lane traffic jam.

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