In the latest episode of AMC's Comic Book Men titled "Bryan Gets Bit," after visiting a JAWS museum, it seems Bryan has an unexpected encounter with the sharks.

CLICK HERE to watch how Bryan escapes from the horrific JAWS shark and whether it was a prank by Kevin, Jay and other guys.

According to the synopsis of the episode, as the guys help Bryan take a dip in the icy waters by visiting a JAWS museum, super-powered toilet paper comes through.

Bryan has been pondering over visiting the JAWS museum for quite some time. However, the least he was expecting was an unexpected encounter with the hungry sharks.

Though it can't be as serious as it sounds, given the show's comic theme, but viewers are up for a nice surprise in the upcoming episode.

The synopsis mentions that Bryan tries to get a dip in the waters of the museum, but nowhere is it mentioned that the water may have sharks that can complicate the situation.

JAWS sharks are knows for their hunger for human blood and violent ways of hunting. If Bryan falls into their trap, it will be really difficult for him to make an escape.

In the previous episode titled "Captain and the Clerk," William Shatner, who is known for playing the iconic role of Captain James T Kirk of USS Enterprise in the Star Trek franchise, shared his experiences and moments as Captain Kirk and how the role influenced his acting career subsequently.

He also told Kevin that as a kid, he used to read adventures of Batman and Superman under the covers with a flashlight and those stories had a significant role in helping him to decide his profession afterwards.

Whether Byran will survive the attack by JAWS shark and escape from the museum or not, will be known only in the next episode.