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"Comedy Nights With Kapil", the popular comedy show, has received a show cause notice from an NGO, for making fun of pregnant women and also for the objectionable characters Dadi and Bhua.

Kapil Sharma, the host of the comedy show, has made "CNWK" one of the most popular shows with his jokes and sense of humour. But apparently the jokes have not run down excessively well with certain women rights activists from Maharashtra.

Two NGOs - Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan and Kaydeshir Wagne - have filed complaints against the show with the Maharashtra State Commission for Women, DNA reported.

The commission has issued a notice to show's host Kapil Sharma, demanding a clarification about the incident.

During an episode last week, Kapil, while talking about the bleak state of Indian roads coupled with the government's lack of care, jokingly said that the roads filled with potholes could actually help poor pregnant women.

He said that the condition of the roads could help pregnant women give birth. This angered a few NGOs who discerned it as a lack of respect towards women. They also had problems with the way two characters in the show - Dadi and Bhua - are depicted.

"We have sent the producers a legal notice demanding an explanation. They are expected to reply within 15 days," said Susiben Shah, chairperson of the commission, according to DNA

"The two characters of daadi and bua were also found to be objectionable. The daadi is shown drunk. That is not how our daadis are," Shah added.