Coughing athlete
Coughing athleteReuters

Are you down with cold? Feeling irritated with a blocked nose which is probably accompanied by headache? Here's what you should consume in order to combat flu and cold. Firstly, make sure you are wearing warm clothes in order to prevent the intensity of cold from growing worse and to prevent fever. Just have these hot comforting food and nutrients and soothe your cold.

Soup and broth

Consuming hot soups, especially chicken soup, and broths help in hydrating your body. Easily available in the markets these ready-to-make soups provide you with proteins and even help in flushing out microbes which caused the cold. The warmth of the soup will make you feel comfortable and will be soothing for your throat.


Tea is easy to prepare, and these days you get them in refreshing varieties like flavoured green and herbal teas to ginger tea. These provide you with antioxidants in abundance and the benefits of the herbs and roots like basil and ginger heal the ailment with their medicinal properties.

Warm drinks

When you are down with cold and flu, treat yourself with not-so-sweet warm drinks like hot chocolate, turmeric milk and hot coffee. Also, consume warm water during this period as it will help in reducing the cough and congestion.

Citrus fruits

These are filled with vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in boosting your body's immunity and helps your body fight flu better. Apart from this they also have other health benefits. They provide you with fibre which aids in your bowel movement.


Honey suppresses cough naturally and also provides your body with the strength to fight fever and other infections. If consumed with ginger or lemon, you will feel relieved. Ginger aids in swaying away all the toxins from your body. Similarly, lemon is a vitamin C-rich fruit which also provides you with antioxidants and reduces inflammation.