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We have heard of people getting high by snorting and sniffing drugs, but now there's another drug- free way to get high and it's by snorting Coco Loko -- a new type of chocolate which is available in the US!

Here are seven things you need to know about this crazy American product:

  1. This unique type of chocolate is a raw cacao product which is a superfood rich in minerals, antioxidants and also provides physical and mental benefits by acting as an anti-depressant.
  2. Snorting Coco Loko gives a slow rush to the person and also makes one feel motivated and blissful with the euphoric energy it provides.
  3. Nick Anderson, the founder of the company Legal Lean, invested $10,000 in creating this product. According to him, snorting Coco Loko can make a person high for up to half an hour.
  4. Apart from improving one's mood, snorting Coco Loko is also linked with enhanced sexual energy.
  5. It is said to improve blood flow and keep high blood pressure at bay.
  6. This chocolate is likely to be a good cure for sinus
  7. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved this product yet though the company claimed this product to be natural and beneficial to health.

This product is available only in the US so far and those interested in trying this product can buy it online for $24.99. The tin would consist of 1.25-ounce (around 35 grams) of snorting chocolate, which could provide up to 10 servings.

Many medical practitioners are doubtful about the impact of Coco Loko on people's health, but Dr Andrew Lane, the director of The Johns Hopkins Sinus Center, reacted differently. "If you're going to do drugs, you probably don't start with chocolate. Certainly, this is better than using an illicit drug," he was quoted as saying by the Washington Post.