In what can be deemed a heroic and daring act, the Bhatkal Coastal Police rescued a drowning fisherman from deep waters. The entire action was caught on tape, which shows two officers locating the fisherman in the middle of nowhere in the sea as they rescued him as well as his boat.

Bhaskar Rao, IPS, ADG of Police, shared the videos on social media, showing two coast guards in a speed boat rescue the drowning fisherman. The officers get close to the fisherman, who was holding to his boat to keep him from drowning, throw a life tube and pull him towards the rescue boat, which was turned upside down.

Fisherman rescued

"Dramatic and daring rescue by Coastal Police Station Bhatkal, Karnataka for saving life of drowning fisherman. Very good seamanship to close in on the subject," Rao said.

The expertise of the coast guards was evident as they tactfully rescued the fisherman in a matter of minutes. You can watch the video at the top.