Islamic curriculum on peace and counter-terrorism
The cover of an anti-Isis curriculum that presents Muslims, including imams and teachers, with arguments from Quran on why these terrorist groups are wrongMQI/PeaceProgram

A Muslim cleric in the UK has launched a first of its kind Islamic cirruculam that confronts terrorist groups such as Islamic State (Isis) that brainwash youths using texts from Quran.

Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri, a promient Islamic scholar, has penned down 10 books in English, Arabic and Urdu to counter the terror groups which use Islamic texts to radicalise Muslims.

UK based Islamic organisation Minhaj-ul Quran International (MQI) launched a set of books in the UK on 23 June as part of its campaign aimed at discouraging gullible teenagers from travelling to Syria and Iraq to join the Isis.

The anti-Isis book - Islamic Curriculum on Peace and Counter Terrorism - comes in separate editions for youngsters and Muslims Imams. "It's absolutely imperative that Imams, clerics and parents teach the counter-arguments as outlined in our curriculum to protect young Muslims from being brainwashed by their propaganda," Tahir-ul-Qadri told Asian Image.

Condemning the Isis, Tahir-ul-Qadri, who was among the first of the Muslim scholars to call suicide attacks in the name of jihad as wrong, observed that the militant group "is an enemy of humanity".

"In the Islamic legal system, or any other terror group have absolutely no authority or legitimacy for setting up an 'Islamic State'. It is an armed rebellion against the Muslim states and collective order. [Isis] is an enemy of humanity," Tahir ul Qadri added.

Qadri claims that his mission is to save all Muslim young men from falling into the trap of groups like Isis. "Many young people don't have the scriptural or textual knowledge to interpret their religion properly and Islamic State exploits the emotions and the idealism of the young, although this ideology has nothing to do with the [Quran]," Tahir ul Qadri told BBC.

The Islamic books, which are being hailed as the "first ever comprehensive counter-terrorism Islamic curriculum"  will also be launched in India and Pakistan, an MQI representative told IBTimes India.

At least 700 UK residents have fled the country to join the Isis in Syria and Iraq, according to BBC.