Vidya Balan at Animal success party
Vidya Balan at Animal success partyInstagram

Vidya Balan is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film, Do Aur Do Pyaar. Vidya and co-star Pratik Gandhi recently attended a summit where they were asked to weigh in on nepotism, rejections and more aspects of the industry. On being asked if she faced nepotism or any kind of bias, Vidya said that she is here now.

Vidya Balan in satya Paul saree
Vidya Balan

Vidya's response triggers trolling

"Nepotism or no nepotism, I am here. Kisi ki baap ki industry nahi hai, nahi toh har baap ka beta, har baap ki beti successful hote" (The film industry doesn't belong to anybody's father; otherwise, all the star kids would have been successful)," she reasoned. Vidya's response to the question made a section on social media say that she was being diplomatic.

"Definitely, you don't know how to respond to this question," one user wrote.

"She actually doesnt know how to respond to that question!" another user wrote.

"Why saying "it doesn't matter" it does matter big time! So many examples in Bollywood now that vidya balan is married to a producer, probably giving a diplomatic answer," a social media user commented.

"Right otherwise khushi Kapoor and suhana khan would have been successful too," a comment read. "Her career has gone down the drain, so she can say whatever she wants now," another comment read. "But she is right it doesn't belong to anyone's father," one more comment read.

Pratik Gandhi on facing bias

On the other hand, Pratik Gandhi, who moved from Surat to Mumbai to make a career in the industry revealed the bias he faced. "TV rejected me outright. All the auditions that I gave... I got rejected. Their idea of an actor for a television show was a little different. My appearance didn't work for them. They were looking for a certain kind of physique, skin colour, and look," he said.